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'Memoir of Pain' ('La Douleur'): Film Review
« dnia: Września 26, 2017, 09:44 »
Melanie Thierry plays Marguerite Duras in an adaptation of the writer's semi-autobiographical texts set during and immediately after World War II.

Melanie Thierry leaps towards the front echelons of current French actresses with her riveting turn as Marguerite Duras in Emmanuel Finkiel's slow-burning Memoir of Pain (La Douleur). A relatively conventional movie about a prodigious polymath whose own film making exploits were groundbreaking, even scandal-stoking in their radicalism, it absorbingly dramatizes certain key episodes from the legendary writer's private life in Paris during 1944-5.

Having premiered in somewhat low key style at Angouleme's festival of Francophone cinema last month, it now bows internationally in the main competition at San Sebastian where Thierry looks a strong front runner as Best Actress. She could be a contender for similar honors at the French equivalent of the Oscars, the Cesars, if the film — provisionally set for French release 24 January 2018 — nabs a qualifying run in Paris. The ongoing popularity of Duras' name in educated circles worldwide could also yield limited theatrical exposure in other territories.

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